Joining the MamaYe Collective! Africa led Collective on MNH

We are happy on your interest to join as members or subscribe to receive updates on the MamaYe Collective- an advocacy movement advancing improved Maternal & Newborn Health (MNH) outcomes for mothers and newborns across the African continent.

Evidence for Action (E4A)-MamaYe is collaborating with MNH advocates from Nigeria and Kenya through their Technical Working Group (TWG) supporting them to establish an African-led Collective on MNH. This TWG will lead conversations and engage a wider group of audience-including civil society, development partner organisations and funders rallying their participation and support for the Collective.

A strong MNH movement will provide advocates with a regional platform to accelerate progress towards the ENAP and EPMM targets by 2030. Please let us know how you would like the TWG to engage you/or your organisation.
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